Ukulele Straps for all your ukes!
  • 02– Uke Leash® half strap Leather


    Uke Leash® half strap with matching Headstock strap and black plastic quick release buckles. Choose from brown oiled leather or black nubuck finished leather. This is the strap for using on ukuleles that do not have a strap button installed. Each strap includes one headstock strap. Additional headstock straps are available. Sizing Guideline: Measure around your arm hole loosely, up across your back and over your shoulder to the top edge of the head stock. Then add about 3 inches for threading through the adjustable side release buckle. That should give you the length you need. Pay attention to how high you like to hold the head of the uke, since that will influence the size you need. General sizing guide – Order Small (39 inches long without headstock strap), Medium size (45 inches long without headstock strap), Large (52 inches long without headstock strap), XLarge is 59 inches and XX Large is 64" long.  If you plan to use position #4 (leg strap) choose the next larger size. Custom lengths are available. No extra charge for logo tag option.

    The Uke Leash original and Uke Leash 2 buckles are not interchangeable. Uke Leash Original Additional Headstock straps will continue to be available for the next several years. I only have a limited number of the Original Uke Leash buckles for the main strap. Starting in October 2018, all new Uke Leashes will be using the new Uke Leash 2 buckle unless there is a special request for the original version.