Ukulele Straps for all your ukes!
  • 04– Uke Leash® Guitar Style Strap Leather


    The Guitar Style Strap for use on ukuleles that have a strap button or end pin installed. Full grain leather with 1 quick release adjustable plastic buckle. Sorry, Extra large is not available in black.  Available with standard size button keyhole, or amp/ button combo keyhole. 

    Available as one button or two button configurations.

    The Uke Leash original and Uke Leash 2 buckles are not interchangeable. Uke Leash Original Additional Headstock straps will continue to be available for the next several years. I only have a limited number of the Original Uke Leash buckles for the main strap. Starting in October 2018, all new Uke Leashes will be using the new Uke Leash 2 buckle unless there is a special request for the original version.